Bothered about the password security in your Gmail account? Can't find the right way of resetting the settings? Well, that happens a lot but it doesn't mean that there are no solutions. Find out the simple and effective solutions here.

How to recover forgot Gmail Password?

A common problem that most users complain of is the one when they forget what their password was or just forget that they even changed it. Usually, when a password is changed and if the user is typing an old password, the login page will show the message that the password was change a particular time ago. This helps the users in remembering that they made and authenticated the change. However, if the change has been made recently like a day or two ago and if the user is unable to access account then it's best to consider the scenario of a hacking or security one.

If such an issue relating to the account security is noticed, users of gmail can file for account recovery and resetting forgot gmail password with the help of the immediate protocol alternatives. These options are accessible with the login page and can be used without any professional help. However, a significant requirement of the process form the conventional mode is that every user must have some sort of information saved in the account so positive verification can be done. This information in Gmail is specifically the phone number or another Email account used by the account holder. When these two options are linked, the identity of the user is verified and this option is later used in the Gmail password recovery option.

Normally, if a user had all the information updated within account as required then the process would only need the user to initiate the account and password resetting by giving the identification details. So, Mobile SMS and Email code verification works as the key player in completion of this process.

How can we help?

We have teams of agents who spend their business hours catering to numerous clients from distinct locations of the world and also keep the clients updated with the changes going in Gmail. It is possible that a professional may not have the time to go through a detailed analysis of why the account performance is slow and what security breach attempts have been made. And that's where our agents give the most thorough and time saving information and work in collaboration with clients on a longer period to maintain the efficacy and security of the account.

Is it free or charged?

Our service is also free and charged but don't get confused. We have differnet means so the users can pick out the ones they deem suitable as per their personal preferences and further use the service to gain information on the issue they are most in doubt about. For Gmail password recovery and other security account management, performance and security or long term account performance and update management etc, different packages can be developed for routinely basis.

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